HOT NOISE #1 (02/07/2016)

OKAY so I did it.. well, with the help of the good guys at WE ARE AMP, held in DE BESTURING and as a co-celebration of the opening of the HOT LOVE GYM. And it’s no joke, I wanted a garagepunk powerhouse and this is what you will be getting, a lot of friends and dirty fuzz bands are finally coming together to my town and you should be their next biggest fan! Get trashed, get wasted, get fucking everywhere as long as you get this gist: GET IN AT 5 PM, EAT (taken care of!) DRINK SHIT GET WASTED AND LEAaa..what? YES!!


Dj’s from 17:00, food and vibes!

18:30–19:00 Dead Cat Stimpy
19:30–20:00 The Bonnie St. Claires
20:30–21:15 Dr. Duval
21:45–22:30 Low Point Drains
23:00–24:00 E.T. Explore Me
00:30–01:00 Molars
01:00–? Dancing and spinning records!

DJ DeineMaid & Dr. Zimmerbach will play them good rock n roll tunes! Free entry! BRING CASH, THERE IS NO PIN!

2016-07-02 HOT NOISE